A little bit of my history..

A few years ago you would not have recognized me.  I did not recognize myself. In my mind, I was “in the best moment of my life,” because I had my apartment, business, car and six years in a “stable” relationship, where all was pink color, no problems, no fighting. I was traveling two to three times a year, and according to me, I was doing “everything ok.”


Appearances, despite believing I had “everything,” deep inside me I knew something was not ok. I was not happy; I was not full, I was not in peace, something was missing.


A short time later things began to fall apart. My "stable" relationship in one blink was over. A big business project in which I had invested both financially and emotionally never came to fruition. I started to feel overwhelmed financially, and the bills continued to pile up. The lifestyle I was carrying became unsustainable; My “perfect life” that I had generated started disappearing, and all the evils came; physical and emotional stress, colitis, gastritis, 17 kilos of overweight, complications of asthma. I start feeling depressed, stagnant, frustrated, abandoned, disillusioned, anxious, uneasy, utterly exhausted from rowing aimlessly. ANYTHING ELSE????


I did not know what to do with anything that was happening, try for some time to cover my biggest discomfort and deep depression, with work things, adding stress to my life, evading situations, drinking alcohol, eating poorly, with totally self-destructive behaviors and fatalistic thoughts.


And all that because I was solely focused on the material things and work aspect of life. I forgot that the other critical part of my life, the emotional and spiritual growth that is paramount to achieve a healthy balance.


In the midst of all these emotions and this whirlwind, one day I woke up, I saw the clock, and it was noon. I realized that on my bedside table breakfast still sitting that my holy mother had prepared me the morning before. I could not believe that I did not even know what day it was, and it was there when I took my first proper decision after a long time. I got out of bed, I went to the bathroom and said "SUSANA NO MORE EXCUSES, NO MORE LAMENTATIONS, you have two options or you stay here suffering, or you get up and do something. "

My transformation....

Coach Susana

"I am what I am, I have what o have

i embrased and I go for more" S.B

Hi i am Coach Susana and i want you to be happy and healthy women



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Nothing is by chance and pain moves us, "FOR EXTREME CHANGES EXTREME DECISIONS."


Coaching had already come into my life, but I had not wanted to give it the attention it deserved. A little before my relationship ended I had attended to two transformational workshops, at which time I began to understand that I learned a lot and I gave the necessary tools to get out of where I was and begin to change my reality, opened my eyes and made me face myself. After three inspiring workshops, I naturally fell in love with the practice; I began to read a lot about coaching and to investigate where I could study since I had set out to help many people who were going through what I went through.


I got certified as LIFE COACH in Mexico and USA. And I understood that one of the keys is "FIRST THE SOURCE."


I began to travel to places I had always wanted to visit and to heal the source "I" to dedicate all that time, that for so many years I had refused, to love me, to spend time with me. Uffffff an intense period of changes but the which was worth 100% worth.


Once certified as LIFE COACH, I wanted to get into different coaching issues since with the practice of coaching I touched on cases which I wanted to understand and handle better.


For reasons of health of my younger sister I started reading everything about ALKALINITY, and that is how I decided to study HEALTH COACHING focused on an alkaline lifestyle, to help many people with various diseases, and many others who want to improve your health and habits.


The practice of both branches of coaching has allowed me to meet beautiful people, who are like me in the "construction process" where every day we grow. We learn, not only the coaches learn a lot about their processes, but I also learn a lot from them. Which turns this practice into something entirely constructive and that's why I LOVE what I do, and I cannot be more blessed. I thank the Divine is to be able to help every day more and more people to build the life that they always dreamed in the areas of their life that they feel are stalled.


And yes it is true that in this life everything has a reason. We have lessons that come with all of the hard blows of life. With the anxious moments we must learn to be resilient, one of two, we are suffering or do something about it, we occupy ourselves, or we care, as Tony Roobins says, "Pain will always be part of our life and reality, but suffering is optional." Today I have people who really love me, my family and my friends, with whom I share and live the best moments and who shows me every day that everything was worth it, I hope you allow me to help you so that you also achieve the same.


Thank you for taking the time to read and allowing me to share something with you.


If you are ready do not wait any longer, the time is today, LIFE IS TODAY, we are going to build .that human that you dream to be, it takes the helm of your life.


Susana Bermudez G

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