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Because most of us grew up in a society in which we have been educated, and we have been told that to be happy and complete we have to look for our half-blood, someone who "complements" us and yes, it is true that this sounds very beautiful and very romantic but the truth is that these thoughts make us grow as attached, dependent and faithful believers that if we do not find that person who "complements" us, we will not be happy. Do not you think, if we look for an orange, we'd be with someone just like us? How boring is not it ?.


With this program, I bet that we can be able to be a complete orange and thus find that pear, apple or what we also want this complete, to be able to form lasting relationships, without possessions, without co-dependencies, and without mental ties. And when that happens we will be able to travel on this journey, quiet, in peace, accompanied by that person who will be loving us and we will be loving in total freedom.

Why? "I am my half orange"?

If you are interested this is what we will do:

My One-to-One coaching is designed to fit the lifestyle of my clients, so no matter where in the world you are, we can connect by phone or with Skype and Teleconference. Or if you prefer we can schedule a session in person if you are near the city where I am.


Contact me for your first FREE session of 30 minutes; we can discuss a little more about the program and how we will create your way for you to become "your half orange."

Are you tired of attracting and bonding with the same type of person? It's time to cut with those patterns, which lead you to have relationships that are not going anywhere.

If you think that it is difficult for you to find love, recently went through a divorce, or a love break; it is important that you start reinventing yourself and gaining the confidence to be able to be a single successful and attract that ideal person, that couple with the that you can have a healthy, safe and evolved relationship. You will know exactly what to do, who to avoid and what is no longer useful and what if. You have to take into account that many times we blame others, forgetting that we also have half the responsibility for things to work.

More from this program ...

As your coach, I will help you work on:

- Discover why you have struggled with love relationships so far and what prevents you from finding a healthy and happy relationship.

- Free yourself from limiting beliefs.

- Develop your irresistibility and magnetism, to become the most attractive, sexy and secure version of yourself.

- Know yourself better and know what you want in that person.

- Recognize when you are sabotaging yourself and your relationships

- Reinvent yourself and become a successful maiden before dating again.

- Change your mindset and focus.

- Understand the "I," "You," "We."

- Visualize and create your next relationship.

- Set new goals, short and medium term.

Duration of the program:

The program lasts for eight sessions. I recommend that you buy the complete package of the eight sessions so that you can have the opportunity to see lasting changes. You may also be taking the program week after week.

What will you learn?

How your past can influence your present

Limiting Beliefs

Healthy love vs. toxic love

6 basic needs of the human being

Change of mindset and focus

The "I," "You," "We."

Visualization and creation of your next relationship

Establishment of new goals, short and medium term.

"Changes happen when you take action"

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