"The happiest couples do not have the same character; they have the best understanding of their differences."

How can I help you?


That's how you feel ...

- You and your partner feel like roommates and not as friends and lovers.

- You feel alone in your relationship.

- You feel physically and emotionally estranged from your partner.

- You are thinking about divorce, cancel the wedding or finish the relationship.

- One or both have been unfaithful and did not know how to repair the relationship.

- You're not sure if you want to make a lifetime commitment.

- You want more fun and romance in your life.

This is how you want to feel ...

- For you and your partner, the relationship is a priority.

- You and your partner connect on a deep emotional level and not superficial.

- They make love more often.

- They face the infidelity that happened, rebuilding trust.

- Together they will bring back the emotion and joy they felt when they met.

Yes its possible!! 

Getting them to look at each other differently.

Making them appreciate each other.

Developing ways to communicate and strengthen your relationship.

Seeking each part to feel good about itself in the relationship.

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You are looking for a more in-depth physical and emotional connection

in your relationship


Would you like to have more meaningful conversations with your partner?


Do you wan to live with less stress in your relatioship?

My Couples sessions are characterized by being focused on immediate solutions and for the future, besides being compassionate and without any judgment, in them, I combine several techniques of coaching; neurolinguistics programming and behavioral psychology. This is, after all, what both sides want, this includes being understood and appreciated, creating individual achievements and together so that in this way they feel full and happy. One of my primary goals is to teach you to understand the relationship between the "you," the "I" and then move on to "US."

If you want to improve your relationship we can do it in 3 ways:

Couple Sessions


Combination of both

The first thing I would like to point out are the differences between relationship coaching and couple therapies.

Couples Coaching vs. Couples Therapy

- It focuses on the present and future.


- It does not solve problems, dissolves them, with a change of focus.


- Work to design the future. Look for the positive.


- We ask what for?


- The coach does not tell you what to do; it only shows you the range of possibilities with tools for you, take your decisions.


- Each session deals with specific topics and seeks immediate action.


- There's constant accompaniment.

- Start in the past.


- Use to solve problems.


- It is subject to the past.


- Extract the negative.


- Asks Why of things.


- It tells you what to do.

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