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The first step in this journey of well-being is that you are convinced that you want to generate lasting and positive change. It is very often that we put our well-being aside thinking that perhaps tomorrow we will feel better. However, the time is TODAY! No more procrastinating. No more waiting. Let me help you retake control of your health with a custom program designed to:

My programs are 100% individualized to help you find the balance in your life. I want to educate you through your wellness journey and help you integrate sustainable health practices into your life. I'm not here to offer you a "quick fix." I am here to guide, enlighten, and keep you with a clear focus on your goals.


In our sessions, you will discover a powerful connection between your body and the most profound desires of your soul. You will adjust your goals, and you will discover, what prevents you from advancing towards your purpose and authentic self. Throughout the programs, we will discover hidden fears, limiting beliefs, which make you doubt your choices so that you can feel empowered to honor your needs. We will work through the challenges and obstacles that keep you frozen with fear and anxiety, unable to thoroughly enjoy your life. You will find balance as you develop healthy, easy and dependable habits that nourish your body and mind. Together, let's explore how to find peace with food by developing an intuitive relationship with your body and creating a wellness lifestyle that is satisfying to you. Working with my clients, I have learned that true health does not come from adhering to rigid diets and rules - true health is acquired when you feel the freedom to live your life authentically, without pressing you to be impossible and unrealistic standards. I will help you develop a deep love and respect for your body so that you can live a life full of confidence and joy.

I am here to help!

So what will you learn?


Raise your spirit, your life, and your energy.

Change your relationship with food.

Educate yourself about your food choices.

Make the appropriate changes to bring benefits throughout your life.

Feel and look better.

Prevent diseases.

Delay the aging process.


​Let's find out what is hidden in your kitchen. This task can be a bit intimidating at first, but you will gradually discover how you are feeding yourself and your family. You will be able to take advantage of all this information so that you can make healthier choices; we will define that you stay in the pantry and the refrigerator and that you leave, I will be sure to provide you with ideas and substitutes for many of the foods that are already there.


Una hour and half 

(Available for now just in México)


In my theoretical, practical classes you will learn how to start an alkaline diet and also to properly cook the foods to maintain their alkalizing potential and to combine them in the right way to optimize the absorption of nutrients and avoid fermentations that soil the blood. We will make original and delicious recipes.


-Manual with information



(Available for now just in México)


​We will tour your supermarket of choice, teach you to read nutritional labels and above all to look for a label in addition to calories. You will know about processed foods, which contain both artificial and chemical ingredients. In this tour, you will learn what products and foods are best adapted to your needs and goals


One or two hours (Available for now just in México)

As a customer, you will discover:   

     How to nourish your body.

     You will learn to make the right choices without guilt.

     You will develop a deep love and respect for your body.

     You will establish and achieve realistic goals that make you feel energetic, motivated and happy.

     Explore new foods and ways to cook simple and healthy recipes.

     You will recognize and reduce cravings, which we will replace with nutritious meals.

     You will learn how to take care of your organs and how to give them the nutrients they need.

     You will feel confident and reassured that you are doing the best for your body.

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