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Hi, my name its Susana Bermudez, first I want to thank you for been here. I believe that most of the problems are reduced to one thing: OUR THOUGHTS. Working together I will teach you how to think so you can get the results that you want along with my fun coaching style. My mission statement is: “To put all my dedication to help others to grow and become the best versions of themselves by being a positive force in their lives.” 

You will see surprising results, meanwhile, you have a blast. Let's get started.

Why choose me as you Life and Health Coach?

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March 4, 2018

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I am a certified life and health coach, in USA and Mexico, I’ve completed hundreds of hours in one on one coaching, while I also learn to go through my life lessons.  I've learned to answers questions about, why people do not make it until the end, why they don’t do what they have to do, and why they don’t reach their maximum potential.

As your coach, I am going to help you, to reach your goals, with a real compromise, creating awareness about your opportunities and options. I will give you the tools so you can discovery reach you maximum potential so that you can live a life full of possibilities. We will go beyond the objectives that you have in your mind. I become my mission and passion help you to live and create the life you want to be living.

My programs foundation is based on love, with this, I mean that I base the programs in five essential pillars that I discover are very important to create the lifestyle you always dream about. The five pillars are awareness, nutrition, stress and emotion management, fitness, and connection.

Health Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Do you have dreams and aspirations that you want to achieve? If it's you do, you know how to design a plan to conquest your desires? How can you eliminate, any obstacle that gets in your way? How can your reach your maximum potential?


Do you want to develop a better relationship with your loved ones? Many times we spend a considerable part of our lives blaming others or the circumstances. At the moment that you decide on hiring a coach you start been responsible for what happened in your life.

Do you know what kind of food it’s better for your body? Do you want to learn how to take care of your organs? Are you tired of dieting, and emotional eating, etc.? I will love to teach you how to improve your eating habits so that you can nurture yourself according to your goals.

Whis is how I can help!!!

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