How does it works?

I will guide you through this wonderful 8-week process in which we will have lots of action and personal growth.


It's time to wake up, thank you for what you are and the life you have today so that we can move forward and become what you always wanted to be.


More about the program:

Week by week we will work a different area of your life, teach you how to optimize your daily routine, how to improve the environment in your home, how to develop your eating habits, how to heal the relationship you have with food, etc. As all the aspects in your life are taking shape and you feel better, that compulsion either by eating, or by punishing yourself with certain foods will disappear. You WILL feel great, and you will see the changes in your body.



If you want to know more about this program I am

offering for a limited time, a 30 minute session completely FREE

What is LWGL?

Lose Weight Gain Life is a coaching program for all those women who want to lose weight and improve their health permanently and jointly.


It's not a diet, not a detox anymore; it's a lifestyle. It is a process consisting of several steps that will help you to live better, achieving a balance between your body, mind, and spirit, so you can get rid of that shell with which you have been living. One of the first principles and steps of this program is to LEARN TO ACCEPT AND LOVE THE BODY IN WHICH YOU LIVE TODAY. It is from experience that it is difficult to have extra kilos in a world that points to all those people who do not "meet" the standards of society in terms of physical beauty; But we must turn that around and start doing it lose weight to gain life and thus be able to shine from the inside out.

You feel identified with:

Have tried a thousand diets, pills, plans, etc.

It costs you a lot to lose weight

If you lose weight, soon you go up and many times up to double

You feel that you have always lived in a constant struggle against your weight

Are you tired of postponing things and experiences in your life that you want to have like, vacations, business, trips, adventures, until "the day" that you see as you want?

I understand that cause I felt the same and I think that for a long time I did not realize that the problem went much beyond just counting calories, points, exercising, taking pills, etc. It is a reality that our emotions directly influence our body.



Our body reacts and begins to generate protection when we feel unsafe, that is why unconsciously we begin to gain weight since the layers of fat "protect us."


Emotion-led eating is a way to suppress or soothe such negative emotions, such as stress, anger, fear, boredom, sadness, and loneliness. When we live important events in our lives or the common annoyances of daily life, these can detonate the negative emotions that lead us to what we will call "emotional eating" and disrupt your weight loss efforts.

Algunos detonadores:

Relationship Conflicts

Work stress


Financial pressures

Health problems

Although some people eat less in the face of strong emotions, this can also generate weight gain, as the body goes into a state of emergency, and begins to accumulate fat.


Regardless of the emotions that drive you to overeat, the result is the same. Emotions return, and you'll probably have to bear the added burden of guilt for not being able to meet your weight loss goal. This can also lead to an endless cycle; your emotions cause you to overeat, you put everything from you again to lose weight, you feel bad because you do not succeed and you overeat again.

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